Showroom Signage Templates for Luxury Products Group Members

The New Normal: Showroom Signage

Visiting a Showroom is a unique experience!

Strive to set yourself apart from the competition, by offering complimentary premium services and an expert team of design consultants. There are a few things your customers should always expect from your Showroom: exceptional customer service and support, unmatched product knowledge, and a diverse selection of brands to fit every style.

It’s also critical to ensure your customers understand how you operate, your new normal, the steps your taking to ensure safety, and how the visit may be different than it did before.

Clear, simple signage – communicated in a variety of ways is key. Think printed signage, social media posts, updates to your Google My Business Information, and email communication

Your customers what to know if masks are required, how appointments will be structured, what kind of sanitation standards you are following, if your employees undergoing temperature checks. 

 Ensure you are communicating with visible, premium signage in the showroom. Consider posting what to expect on your website. Set up an automated email for clients with appointments, detailing your new policies and services.

Every client project is special and unique; its important to tailor the experience to meet their needs, while staying safe and building trust.

 Below are two signage templates or ideas 

you can use to inform customers of your new policies.

If your doors are open.

If your doors are closed.