LPG Vendor Application

Terms and Conditions—please read carefully before submitting:

  1. All rebates are to be paid to Luxury Products Group every month with member sales breakdown no later than the 20th of the following month. January sales are to be paid no later than February 20th.
  2. Funds must be electronically transferred to Luxury Products Group’s bank account. (Routing and account numbers are available through the Luxury Product Group’s contact.)
  3. Luxury Products Group will not be responsible for any past due accounts. Members who do not pay cannot be deducted from future payments to Luxury Products Group.
  4. Luxury Products Group Vendors must attend the annual meeting and participate in Luxury Products Group meeting specials.
  5. Any changes that reduce the above programs and/or add new products must be resubmitted to the Luxury Products Group office on a new Vendor Application Form.
  6. Application is agreeing to a 3-year term of partnership with Luxury Products Group.
  7. The rep agencies commission is not to be impacted by a vendor joining the group.
  8. A 1/2% admin fee is to be sent quarterly to the group based on total purchases.

    Please also submit a MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) Policy to Luxury Products Group to be attached to your application.