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What is Luxury Products Group

Luxury Products Group, established in 2009, offers independent decorative plumbing, lighting, and hardware showrooms rebate programs, supplier partnerships, prestigious mentorships, and business services needed to elevate and operate a profitable independent business. Membership also includes access to our collection of exclusive brands.

Diverse Membership

Luxury Products Group members include over 400 showrooms across the United States and Canada, providing an exceptional shopping environment. Showrooms range from single location boutiques to established distributors with multiple location across state lines serving both the trade, and retail clients.

” Members are connected to the most experienced, quality showrooms facilitating unparalleled networking opportunities. Luxury Products Group is much more than improved margins, it is a family of exceptional businesses that help each other grow. Luxury Products Group provides members a road map with proven strategies to scale their business, an invaluable tool for independent showrooms.

Jeff MacDowell

Executive Director, Luxury Products Group

LPG’s mission is to empower members with financial and professional advantages by offering premium products that embody luxury in their markets, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers.

Peer Lead

Our Board of Directors

The Luxury Products Group Board is critical to the success and growth of Luxury Products Group. These members continuously offer compelling industry insight, suggestions for expansion and a highly informed opinion on how we can best serve our members.

This group, carefully selected and nominated by their peers, is made up of industry leaders who have achieved professional and personal success in their respective markets and have taken great lengths to ensure the preservation of independent distribution.

“Luxury Products Group offers much more than rebates to its members. I am excited see the group implement ways to continue to grow our respective businesses.”

Kate Brady

Director of Showrooms, General Plumbing Supply, California