Benefits For Suppliers

We Do Things Differently

Unlike other buying groups that charge excessive fees and have a one way conversation, we actually listen and engage with our supplier partners. We understand that relationships are the cornerstone of success, and will go to great lengths to ensure our your goals are met and exceeded.

Data Driven

We make data-driven decisions to maximize success for our supplier partners; carefully analyzing past performance to forge new plans of action. We have built a comprehensive network of showroom members to ensure our partners are always connected with the right business owners. We provide access to key owners and influencers, helping supplier partners expand their reach and increase their sales.

Responsive Partnership

We engage with our partners in a two-way dialogue, constantly soliciting feedback and looking for opportunities to improve the partnership. At Luxury Products Group, we are dedicated to our supplier partners’ success, and are always responsive to your needs. With our expertise, insight, and network, we are confident we can help our partners reach their growth goals.


Training Tools

Are you looking to exceed your supplier partner growth goals with the best in class training tools? Look no further than LPG xTEACH. Our Learning Management Platform is designed to provide educational resources to help members make better sales decisions and identify opportunities for showroom growth.

With our comprehensive suite of learning tools, our supplier partners can develop and deliver tailored training content to showroom partners in a variety of formats, such as video, audio, text, and more. With our platform, you can create custom training programs that meet the needs of your partner base. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for suppliers to monitor member progress towards their goals. We also provide detailed analytics to help suppliers understand how well their training content is performing. With LPG xTEACH, you can exceed your supplier partner growth goals and create a strong, successful partnership.