Benefits For Showrooms


Luxury Products Group is proud to provide access to key suppliers of fine decorative kitchen, bath, lighting, and hardware products. We take the hassle out of the rebate process and negotiate industry leading programs so that you can focus on your luxury showroom.


Luxury Products Group provides our members with networking connections, opportunities and coaching services that allow members to get the most out of their showroom.


We understand the importance of finding quality, reliable vendors, and that is why we strive to create meaningful relationships with the supplier community.


Additionally, we provide our members with access to marketing materials and educational resources to help maximize the success of their business. With our help, our members can make the most of their showrooms and offer the best in decorative kitchen, bath, lighting, and hardware products in an elevated showroom experience.

Apply To Become A Member

Here are some of the metrics we consider when reviewing your confidential application.

Operate a Better Showroom

To become a member there are a few membership requirements that must be met.  Your business must be in operation for at least one year. Your staff members must have completed approved supplier sales training and have basic industry knowledge. All sales staff must have current knowledge of the products and services offered in the showroom. These requirements help ensure our member showrooms have knowledgeable and experienced staff who can provide our customers with the highest quality service.

Make Supplier Purchases

We are committed to helping our showroom supplier partners grow their businesses. As part of our membership requirements, we require that each showroom member purchase an agreed minimum each year from our supplier network. This helps us to ensure that our partners are committed to promoting and marketing their showrooms.

Submit Growth and marketing plans

Additionally, we also require that each showroom partner create and submit a yearly growth and marketing plan. This plan should include strategies for increasing sales, expanding the showroom’s customer base, and promoting the showroom’s products and services. The growth and marketing plan should also include detailed budgets, timelines, and any other information necessary to ensure successful execution of the plan.

Long Term Success

By requiring these items from our showroom partners, we are able to ensure that our membership is putting their best foot forward and working towards long-term success.

Expectations of Members



Luxury Products Group Programs are confidential. Members sign an agreement of confidentiality.

Growth Plan

Members and prospective members must provide an agreed upon growth plan that includes Luxury Products Group vendor partners and service providers.

Display & Stock Products

Members must display and stock products, and must make a concerted effort to sell Luxury Products Group vendor products.

Annual Meeting Attendance

Attendance at the Luxury Products Group Annual Meeting with a principal and key staff member is required.

Product Categories

We require members to participate in at least 2 of the following categories: Bath, Kitchen, Lighting, Decorative Hardware, Tile, Appliances. 

Established Businesses

We require new members to be in business for at least one year. We must ensure our members have established showrooms.


Our vendors are as important to us as our members! We require all members pay our vendor partners within the agreed upon terms.


We strive to have the best showrooms in our group. Members must have at least one dedicated showroom employee working full time.


Data is key to group growth! Members must submit an annual history of purchasing with vendors in both Luxury Products Group and outside of the group. 

Professional Behavior

Behavior at meetings, on calls, and on social media should be professional. Negative messaging towards vendors, service providers, and other members could result in the termination of membership.