Coaching & Mentorship

Resources For Members

We Offer Members Unparalleled mentorships and coaching services.

Become a member and have access to mentorship and coaching programs. Coaching services are fully customizable to your needs.

We offer members a multitiude of options:

  • a walkthrough and critique of your showroom space
  • a business plan discussion
  • training with the general manager, showroom manager and employees
  • a employee meeting with best practice discussions
  • assistance with showroom design
  • specific training on hospitality, selling techniques, and pricing strategy

“Luxury Products Group has been instrumental in my transition into my current role with ProSource. Executive Director Jeff MacDowell, has tremendous experience in the showroom space and is very forward-thinking. He has helped me as we have to lead the digital transformation during COVID, looked at professionalized the selling cycle, compensation, and spiffs – he and his team at Luxury Products Group are the people I go to when I have a question anything showroom related.”

Drew Roberts

Chief Operating Officer , ProSource