2021 Events Update:

Luxury Products Group 2021 EXPO & IMARK Plumbing Spring Meeting

With much uncertainty concerning COVID-19 and out of safety concerns for our members and vendors, we regret to inform our members and suppliers that the 2021 LPG Expo and the IMARK Plumbing Annual Spring Meeting scheduled for January 27th- February 2nd at the JW Marriot, Marco Island, FL. have been canceled.

While we are encouraged to see our economy and our nation continue to re-open, we understand that there are still many people that are uncomfortable with the idea of cross-country air travel and/or participating in large gatherings. Numerous companies now have travel restrictions in place and it is impossible to predict when these restrictions will be lifted.

These factors make it inconceivable for us to host the kind of meeting for industry leaders that would generate a solid return on investment for our attendees.

We look forward to our group and our industry ‘turning the page’ and at some point in time resuming back to our normal calendar of ‘face to face’ events. We think all of us will appreciate these types of gatherings even more in the future as they are very crucial to the vitality and growth of our industry.

In the meantime, the LPG and IMARK staff will collaborate with our Board of Directors, Member Advisory Committees, and Vendor Advisory Councils to consider alternative options for hosting meetings and events for future dates within the 2021 calendar year. Please stay tuned for more information to follow.

Luxury Products Group Expo 2021 Canceled

We look forward to our group and our industry ‘turning the page’ and at some point in time resuming back to our normal calendar of ‘face to face’ events.

“Canceling the IMARK Plumbing Spring Meeting and Luxury Products Group Expo was a very difficult decision for everyone at IMARK Plumbing and Luxury Products Group to make. These two events are the highlight of our year, allowing us to connect with our family of members and suppliers.  We understand how important these events are to everyone involved. As we look beyond today and into the future, our new tomorrow is a hybrid approach between virtual and face to face events. We are committed to this future, and will diligently work to craft meetings and events where we can all share and grow our businesses together.”

John Aykroyd | IMARK Plumbing & Luxury Products Group | President

“While I am disappointed in not having our EXPO, I am more concerned for the health and safety of our Luxury Products Group members and vendors, and know our momentum and strength will carry us forward until the next event. Luxury Products Group is experiencing above market average growth, and members are focused on reworking their businesses to accommodate the changes in our new operating world.  We believe in what all luxury experiences are, human to human, and will do our best to find the right time and place to meet in 2021.” 

Jeff MacDowell | Luxury Products Group | Executive Director

“Our commitment, first and foremost, is to the safety of our members and vendors. Due to travel restrictions, potential low-level attendance, and technical inefficiencies we have decided to cancel our meeting. Our meeting has always been a space for collaboration and information sharing for our members, due to the current state we cannot ensure that these standards would be met. We are looking for alternatives for members to engage without the loss of social interaction and business development.” 

Mike Plasier | Plumbing & Heading Wholesale Inc. | IMARK Plumbing Chairman 

If you would like more information please contact:

John Aykroyd at 847-638-4111

Mike Plasier at 712-441-1490

Jeff MacDowell at 330-274-1225