Why Choose LPG vs Forte

Why choose LPG vs Forte?

First, we’d just like to give a quick nod to the team at Forte. They’ve built a nice network of decorative plumbing showrooms and vendors to help businesses (and if you’re here because you’re evaluating Luxury Products Group vs. Forte, or looking for a buying group alternative, then you’re already doing the right thing by finding a group that will help you earn more for your business and grow in many ways).

So, what’s the difference between LPG and Forte? Sure, there are programs, products, and promotional stuff that’s different between the two companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested).


The executive committee of LPG and management team at our parent company, IMARK Group, continues to build upon the past success and future opportunities within the markets we serve with a network and business model designed specifically for independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting showrooms, while the members  at Forte continue operate with programs developed over the last decade with an unclear charter for their members.

So, long story short: if you’re in the decorative plumbing, hardware, and lighting showroom business and looking for a buying group to help your independent showroom business thrive in today’s ever-changing business environment – then you’re in the right place. We created LPG for you!

Come on in. The waters warm.

Jeff MacDowell
Executive Director

PS:  Need more convincing? I totally get it.  So, the rest of this page is for you. We sat down with a few of our showroom members and vendors to help write this page and asked each of them: “Hey if you had to put a page up on our website breaking down the top reasons why people pick LPG vs. Forte, what would you say?” They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.