2021 Color of the Year Trends

Featuring AI Aqua

By Lexi Sullivan | Immerse | St. Louis, MO

Color Trend of 2021 - AI Aqua

A.I. Aqua is the tech-focused color of 2021.

Highlighting the digital and cultural shift for colors that have a dynamic digital aesthetic boasting intense color saturation. This color poses real adaptability, harmonizing well with a variety of other color shades. An expressive tone that stimulates focus and clarity, either on or off-screen. It is not a coincidence that blue is associated with some of the world’s largest tech brands (think Facebook, Twitter, et al.). A.I. Aqua has a digital quality. It’s also product-friendly across categories such as design, fashion, lifestyle, food, beauty, tech, and science.

According to WGSN, in conjunction with Coloro, “A recent survey of the tones used on the world’s biggest websites found blue easily outstripped others, and shades of blue used prominently in tech are set to become more immersive. The hyped concepts around augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) that were out of reach for many will become readily available and closer to reaching their full potential,” says WGSN. “With a digital quality that is set to have key relevance in 2021, A.I. Aqua is our tech-inspired hero color to watch.” As we journey into 2020, technology will not just be about what it can do, but what we can do with it.

This color is trend-forward, making it perfect for design accents. “Aqua in small doses is a smart contrasting color to a more neutral palette, and can really add an unexpected hit,” says AD100 designer Steven Gambrel of S.R. Gambrel Inc., who advises its use in moderation.  Aqua brightens up darker spaces or neutral schemes, whether it be tiling in a white kitchen or accessories in a neutral white or “beige” room. Blue hues are said to suppress hormones, making you sleep better and can keep you focused and energetic. This color trend is immersive and emotional.

What does our industry do with this news?

As we see our online persona become as important as offline persona, our online identities will need to embrace the revolution.