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Featuring Luxury Products Group Brands

By Lexi Sullivan | Immerse | St. Louis, MO

"Highlight luxury designers and the products they work with in the showroom. It will pay off in a big way." - Lexi Sullivan

The most coveted design outlet, Architectural Digest, the who’s who in the design world is turning 100! AD is a vibrant monthly celebration of international design talents, innovative homes and products, inspiring decorating ideas, culture, and travel. 100 YEARS. It is a big deal. Launched in 1920 as a California trade quarterly, the magazine evolved, increasing in frequency and broadening in scope until it became the byword for living well.

For Luxury Product Group members it is important to highlight our luxury vendors and showcase the beautiful design work featuring their products in the showroom for a few reasons:


Consumer Interest

Consumers are always interested in what is desired by design elites and a little name drop of “AD” always helps bring value to the sell.


Showcasing a full room design, next to the product it highlights, can inspire customers to see beyond the object and envision what that element can add to the design overall.


Online Marketing

With virtual services and online marketing being top of mind this year, another way to attract consumers is using these images on your platforms to inspire, hashtag, and generate new business.

Highlighted in these photos are Luxury Products Group vendor products and the talented AD designers who gave these items life. 

Isabel Lopez-Quesada Design
Isabel Lopez-Quesada Design

Isabel Lopez-Quesada

Isabel Lopez-Quesada is a designer based in Spain. She has spectacular projects all around the world from, the US to France, Japan and the Dominican Republic. She is influenced by her travels and curiosity, mixing contemporary trends with traditional English or French Décor.

PHOTO BY: Richard Powers

Timothy Corrigan
Perrin & Rowe

Timothy Corrigan is a designer based in Los Angeles. He is the only American designer honored by the French Heritage Society for his restoration of several national landmarks in France. Timothy has successfully designed several licensed collections. Prior to forming his design firm in 1988, he had a successful career in advertising.

PHOTO BY: Eric Piasecki

Timothy Corrigan design
Timothy Corrigan
Susan Maggard Design
Susan Maggard

Susanna Maggard Interiors
Bain Ultra

Susanna Maggard is a designer based in New York, NY. She blends modern and classic design to create beautiful and inviting spaces. One of her projects includes a complete renovation of an apartment in The Plaza. Susie gained experience working with several leading designers, including David Easton, Alexa Hampton, Charlotte Moss and Bunny Williams.

PHOTO BY: William Waldron

Faith Blakeney
California Faucets

Faith Blakeney is a designer based in Los Angeles. She prides herself on being a designer, stylist and mama. She launched her design studio in 2010. She spent most of her 20’s living in Italy and attending Polimoda. Today, Faith brings passion, purpose and play to her clients, whether dressing them for the red carpet or designing their dream spaces in LA, NY and beyond.

PHOTO BY: Ulf Bjorlin

Faith Blakeney Design
Faith Blakeney
Alisa Bloom Design
Alisa Bloom Design

Alisa Bloom

Alisa Bloom is a designer based in Chicago. Renowned for her sophisticated style and design, she travels the world to find new sources, up and coming furniture designers, textiles and fittings. Her design firm specializes in complete home renovations and design from the ground up. Implementing a unique design for each client that is both innovative and conducive to a real lifestyle.

PHOTO BY: Isabel Parra