Axent Joins Luxury Products Group

AXENT has over 700 supportive luxury dealers with 250 of those showrooms being located in the United States and Canada.

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AXENT Switzerland has agreed to partner with Luxury Products Group as an approved vendor.  LPG is a national buying and marketing group of independent decorative showrooms.

AXENT Switzerland, Complexity Made Simple, inspired by these principles, AXENT’s team of visionaries meticulously designed, tested, and introduced the brand’s most awarded innovation – The AXENT One C plus 1.0 and 2.0 intelligent bidet toilets. AXENT’s global team continuously fuse their regional expertise to create the highest quality intelligent toilets, elegant sinks and cutting-edge bathroom technology.

AXENT is proud to collaborate with acclaimed artists including Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez who have created designs that are inspired by nature’s beauty, simplified complexity and ultimately customer’s comfort. Throughout the years our collaborations have been honored with numerous industry recognitions for design excellence and innovation.  Awards to include Design Plus, Red Dot, IF, German Brand Award, ICON and most recently the ASID Design Impact Award presented to AXENT during the 2019 ICFF New York Show.

AXENT North America has been growing its dealer base and brand recognition for almost six years now.  We are now proud to say that we have globally over 700 supportive luxury dealers with 250 of those showrooms being located in the United States and Canada. Our North American operations are based out of Irvine California with warehousing in CA, NJ and FL. We continuously strive to deliver quality products and have introduced many exciting new products over the past several years.  AXENT will continue to grow while maintaining its commitment to quality.

Keith Dagarin, AXENT Vice president of Sales, commented, “I’m very pleased that we have been afforded this great opportunity to partner with LPG and all it’s members.  We look forward to expanding our product offering to the luxury showrooms of LPG.  With the professional wide reaching group, I’m confident that we will be able to grow a strong partnership and ultimately allow you to make heathy margins while selling a quality product.

I am excited to have Axent of Switzerland, and StudioLux as partners with LPG.  As the need for this kind of product increases in demand, LPG is committed to having the best possible vendors working with them, and I am confident that they wont disappoint!  I am looking forward to seeing great participation with our members!

Jeff MacDowell | Luxury Products Group | Executive Director