Jeremy Smith cares about fashion in an industry that most people don’t


Born To Stand Out: Jeremy Smith

Whether he’s sprucing up homes with Pinterest-worthy hardware and lighting or dressing himself for a night out on the town, one thing is certain: Jeremy Smith is doing it with style.

As the director of showrooms for his family business, Central Arizona Supply, Smith spends his days meeting with vendors and rearranging displays dressed in brands like Uniqlo, which he favors for its high-quality, simple basics. Evenings and weekends call for mixed patterns, colored sports coats, and a hefty dose of pink.

“I used to try to not be so flashy or stand out, then as time went on, I started to enjoy being someone who cared about fashion in this industry,” he says.

For Smith, that means dressing in colorful styles influenced by his travels.

“I tend to shop when I’m out of town and love walking city streets and seeing what a diverse group of people are wearing and how they’re styling themselves,” he says. “Fashion to me is about fun and expressing yourself in a way that allows you to be remembered and to show your personality.”

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter?

Absolutely not. I used to! But now I know what I want to wear and sometimes it’s in fashion and sometimes it’s not. But I always feel good in it.

What is your must-have fashion item?

A broach or pin. Going back to my travels, one of the things I do when I travel is go to antique and jewelry stores. I always try to find a unique pin or broach. It reminds me of my grandmother. It gives me a story to tell about some place that I have been and who I was with when I found my sparkly treasure!

What is your No. 1 style tip?

I know it is Arizona and it is hot, but some days you just have to commit to being fabulous. Surprise people, make them talk.