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“Luxury Products Group launched a high-level web-based platform to give showroom owners access to critical resources for a competitive edge. This is the latest in an ongoing series of new leading-edge programs and benefits designed to strengthen our members’ positions in their markets.” – Jeff MacDowell Executive Director


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Luxury Products Group Showroom Owners now have access to a multi-level solution that gives them a confidential platform to connect with each other — along with top-line resources to maximize the effectiveness of their leadership, business planning, and marketing efforts.

Concourse delivers well-constructed templates and guidelines so showroom owners can drill down into and explore their coaching efforts, financials, vendor engagement, the employee review process, and more. It includes links to four different personality and assessment tests that owners can use for both new recruits and veteran staff.

Perhaps one of the most essential segments of Concourse is the Business Planner, which includes multiple tools that owners can use to create a written business plan—something the platform encourages every showroom to have.

Other tools include the Concourse Employee Coaching section, finding and hiring great people is a start, but they must be continually encouraged to grow and become the best version of themselves.

Tools like the Showroom Scorecard will be instrumental in achieving consistency and guiding owners through the process of understanding their expectations. This tool will enable showrooms to provide a more consistent customer experience, which benefits both the showroom team and the business.



As Kevin Castelo, General Manager of Ultra Design Center in Denver, CO, and Luxury Products Group Advisory Committee Member noted, “The Concourse will be a valuable and impactful tool for our business.”

Concourse offers tools like free and paid coaching assessments. Showroom owners are encouraged to consider how they can provide more consistent and constructive feedback, motivation, and support to their showroom teams. This is especially timely since Millennials, who will soon make up the largest generation in the workforce, perform best in a culture of openness where they are given frequent positive and constructive feedback — and where they can express their own ideas and solutions.

Luxury Products Group Director of Marketing Francesca Anne Messina designed the program. “It was very important to us that this be a private resource for showroom owners,” she said. “Executives long for opportunities to have exclusive confidential conversations with their peers, and Concourse gives them a dynamic platform to do that.”

As she describes, a showroom’s success—profitability—really comes down to ROI. And that can be boosted using Concourse’s tools that gauge and measure a variety of marketing efforts. There are templates for traffic logs, financial terms, standard checklists, vendor assessments and scorecards, social media content options, and an annual marketing campaign planner.

Three aviation-themed categories are comprised of multiple segments that touch nearly every facet of showroom businesses. Most segments are now available, and several more will be introduced in 2021.

Airplane on runway

Jetway is a private space for owners to connect with each other. It includes The Executive Lounge, which is a discussion forum for owners and a Kiosk of suggested reading materials, including favorites from LPG Executive Director Jeff MacDowell.

Wing of airplane during flight

Airspace offers resources for business management and finance including the art of Buying or Selling a Showroom, Sales and Marketing Resources, and a Business Planner

Air traffic control tower

The Air Traffic Control section focuses on human resources and hiring including tools for Coaching Employees, Hiring Employees, and Compensating Employees. 

Concourse will be instrumental for showroom owners who want to enhance their leadership style and business planning for this rapidly changing and unconventional marketplace.


“The decorative plumbing industry is constantly evolving and our businesses need to evolve to remain relevant. As a showroom owner and manager, it’s easy to get drawn into the minutiae of everyday processes and issues. Concourse provides not only a reminder of the need to think systematically about a business strategy but the resources to put it into practice. Launching Concourse is the perfect example of how Luxury Products Group delivers value to member showrooms.


Kevin Castelo | Ultra Design Center | Denver, Co

LPG Concourse Business Planner