published Jan 9 in The Wholesaler

Luxury Products Group (LPG) has introduced DDI System, a leader in ERP Software for PHCP and luxury showroom distributors, to its elite group of forward-thinking members. The announcement serves as a means to elevate awareness of the robust features and leading customer engagement tools available for showroom operations ahead of LPG’s Annual Expo, Jan. 24-25, 2019, in Orlando, Florida.

DDI System’s Inform ERP Software equips today’s wholesale distributor with leading-edge technology for efficient operations, loyalty driving CRM and consumer-grade eCommerce. DDI’s industry-aware ERP for PHCP showroom distributors is used by more than 45 LPG member clients and more than 1,000 distribution companies nationwide.

“I am impressed with the responsiveness that DDI brings to the table for LPG,” said Jeff MacDowell, executive director of LPG. “Our members are thrilled with their performance, and as a partner, I expect them to grow substantially within the group. LPG now has over 270 showrooms, and our aggressive growth plan closely matches the plans and values of DDI System.”

LPG member Howland Pump in Ogdensburg, New York, implemented Inform ERP software in 2015.

“Operationally, the improvements have been impressive. Users can easily move around in the system and have a level of comfort as to what to do next,” said IT Director Keith Kuca. “DDI has helped keep our business on the edge of technology.”

DDI System user, Kayla Miller from Holmes Plumbing and Heating said, “Switching to Inform was one of the best decisions our company ever made. We have more control over inventory and accounting than we ever had before.”

The addition of DDI to LPG falls at an ideal time for showroom distributors who seek some of the advanced capabilities of modern day ERP technology. Inform ERP uses native CRM to elevate customer engagement and serve customers at the counter, in the showroom, and in the field. LPG’s mission is simple: to open avenues for members to network with like-minded people sharing ideas and challenges to expand their showroom business, as well as an opportunity to buy from and see products from a variety of showroom-oriented vendors worldwide.

LPG members can learn more about DDI System’s history, proven implementation success and technology roadmap for growth at a live webinar exclusively for LPG members on Jan. 16 at 11 a.m. (ET). During this session, participants will see Inform’s latest advancements for showroom distributors including how to easily create content-rich quotes including non-stock products, how to manage complex projects with multiple commitment dates and line item room assignments.

In addition to the live webinar, DDI will be on hand at Booth #46 during LPG’s Annual Expo in Orlando beginning Jan. 24. Here, LPG members will have an opportunity to speak with CEO and Founder Adam Waller and learn how Inform’s innovative technology is laying the foundation for success and growth for luxury showroom distributors.

“We really couldn’t be more elated to be working alongside this group with whom we share a commitment to innovation and distribution excellence,” said Barbara Jagoe, COO of DDI System. “We are excited to be welcomed into the LPG member group and to showcase Inform’s unique capabilities for Showroom distributors.”

Jagoe and Waller will be demonstrating Inform’s full suite of ERP capabilities and robust features during the LPG Expo. In addition, LPG members can register for the upcoming live webinar by visiting or calling877-599-4334.