Foster partners with Luxury Products Group

Since the beginning we have created solutions for kitchen environments according to our criteria: design, functionality, and performance.

To assist with the vision and growth of Foster in the American market we are excited to announce our partnership with Luxury Product Group (LPG).

At Foster, we believe that the structure and marketing plan of partnering with independent dealers would be the best fit for our signature line of products. These products in the hands of LPG dealers will give them the edge while competing with Big Box Stores on quality, craftsmanship, and limited distribution. We look forward to the continued growth with LPG and its partners.

Founded in 1973, Foster is an Italian company that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

With four highly specialized manufacturing units, Foster is an integrated organization with headquarters in Brescello, a small village known for the movies starring Don Camillo and Peppone and symbol of the countryside of northern Italy. The Terranova palace – the Foster headquarter – is a former 17th century Franciscan convent, and it’s not just a building, it is the expression of Foster’s love for art. We breathe passion for beautiful things, respect for the environment that surrounds us and a love for quality, hence our commitment to excellent service to meet the demands of a market increasingly sensitive to technological development and environmental protection.

Since the beginning we have created solutions for kitchen environments according to our criteria: design, functionality, and performance. This is the Foster philosophy that has inspired each of our products, for the last 40 years. A value recognizable today in every product of our extensive collection.

The attention to the growing needs of the market, has led to the development over the years diversified production of hobs, ovens, hoods, built-in dishwasher, sinks and faucets. Today Foster can offer solutions to an entire kitchen, in which each element is characterized by the functional design, for the high quality of the materials selected and the advanced technology. The specialized industrial production is accompanied by the great craftsmanship in steel processing in the production of stainless-steel worktops.

Foster represents a prestigious choice, which gives value and is in its turn dignified by the partnering with the most renown Italian and European kitchen brands. It is for this reason the Foster products are often chosen for high quality installations, matched with high-end kitchens, in buildings of ground-breaking and innovative architectural value, through projects all around the world.

Continuing its international growth, Foster has created a subsidiary in Miami, FL with the goal to penetrate the American market. This is achieved with a range of products specifically studied in response to the needs of this market. The range of products meets the requirements in terms of functionality, dimensions, and performance, all while fully maintaining the familiar feeling and the appeal typical of all Foster products. All the Foster US products are perfected to the finest detail and manufactured with the typical Italian ingenuity capable of uniting design, industrial engineering and craftsmanship.

I am excited to have a unique line like Foster in the group. This really expands the offerings of LPG and allows our members to have a more comprehensive collection of products. Jorge and his team are ready and able to help us become successful together!.

Jeff MacDowell | Luxury Products Group | Executive Director
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