The Luxury Leadership Track

By Mary Jo Martin 

One of the most buzz-generating announcements made at the 2020 LPG Conference and Expo was the launch of LPG X TEACH, an interactive training portal exclusively available to LPG showrooms. This industry-leading initiative is designed to elevate the performance of LPG member showrooms by providing a extensive range of training courses for showroom leadership and staff.

LPG X TEACH goes far beyond the training that manufacturers typically provide, with courses on topics like upselling, customer service, and hiring that aren’t as readily available.

“We’ve taken the concept of digital learning to a remarkable place,” said Director of Marketing Francesca Anne Messina. “LPG X TEACH will strengthen the feeling of community among LPG members and enrich their knowledge in a variety of areas. Our program provides something beneficial for everyone. Together we will ignite the competitive drive of our members and enrich the quality of their teams’ performance.”

LPG X TEACH is comprised of a series of  “Learning Paths” that include courses suitable for every level within showrooms — from owners to management to sales to warehouse. Users can pursue clear paths to enhance their own career capabilities while attaining skills that will drive sales and margins for their showrooms. “In this competitive retail shopping environment, customers are more discerning than ever, and they expect to be delighted by the service and experience when shopping for luxury products,” shared Messina. “Ultimately, people still buy from people. In luxury showrooms, that means personalizing the customer experience, building relationships, feeling comfortable selling high-end products to upper-income clientele, and overcoming the inevitable ‘no’. And those are the type of courses we offer that make this learning opportunity so valuable. LPG X TEACH better prepares showroom teams to appeal to that luxury state of mind. Our Learning Paths and courses are gems that will set members’ showrooms apart from their competitors.”

LPG X TEACH Industry Training Portal

Once logged into the portal, showroom leaders can view the full library of LPG X TEACH training courses available, as well as role-based training for various functions. They can choose to customize the course library that each employee is able to view, based on their position, skills and learning goals. Showroom leaders can use a real-time dashboard to track employees’ activity, create teams that will progress through certain courses or paths together, and even manage any incentives they may wish to offer.

Messina noted that time is critical — and costly — for showrooms’ staffs, and so the majority of training segments are less than five minutes and address just a few specific points. There is also a series of “One Minute Manager” courses that spotlight specific skills managers need to be successful.

“That’s a very efficient exchange of time to learn a new skill,” she said. “Showroom leaders don’t want to pull their staff off the floor for lengthy training sessions, so it’s critical to offer time-sensitive segments that provide measurable value. But to round out a complete package of learning opportunities, there are also some longer-format essential courses that include exams.”


When users log into LPG X TEACH, they are able to view continually updated lists of Learning Paths, as well as the length of each course. This enables users to prioritize and choose courses that are of most interest, and plan them around open blocks of time in their schedules.  

The training courses are being developed by LPG staff with the support of vendors and the training subcommittee. Some of the courses will be done “live.” There are even opportunities for members to put together training programs, like a tour of their showrooms or hosting best practices discussions. New courses will be added each month.

LPG members will regularly receive announcements and updates about the portal through a new communications program. They will be able to sign up for LPG X TEACH courses beginning in April. LPG X TEACH can be accessed from any mobile device with a link in the members-only section of the LPG website.

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About LPG:
Founded in 2009, Luxury Products Group, a business vertical of IMARK Plumbing, is the industry’s most award-winning decorative buying group and has earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.  The 440+ member locations serve independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting showrooms throughout the USA and Canada.  LPG members benefit from business advantages that drive increased profits, professionalism, and access to highly respected vendors in the marketplace.  Idea sharing, retail innovation, best practice sharing, and networking are among the top benefits sited by members and vendors alike. LPG has become the most award-winning decorative buying group in the U.S. and earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.