Francesca Anne Messina Joins Luxury Products Group

by | Jan 17, 2020 | News

Luxury Products Group is pleased to announce that Francesca Anne Messina has been named Director of Marketing. By creating this new position, LPG furthers its commitment to provide enhanced services for members.

Messina is a familiar face to many in the plumbing industry, having grown up in the business and spending the last seven years in various marketing roles for some of the biggest names in plumbing wholesaling. 

“Some of my earliest memories are of running down the aisles of my grandfather’s supply house, North Andover Supply, in North Andover, Mass.,” she said. “I have a great love for the plumbing industry — customers, vendors, the atmosphere of being in a showroom or supply house. Everyone in this industry plays a role in building America.”

 “It’s an exciting time for distributors, and I hope to make an impact with LPG members by providing them some new beneficial tools, including a member training portal that will be rolled out in the coming months. Showroom marketing must take place on multiple levels. There is great value in both the digital and traditional local marketing channels.  Bridging those two areas is critically important for any showroom, and I believe my background and skill set is well-rounded in each.”

 LPG Executive Director Jeff MacDowell has high praise for the talents Francesca brings to the group.

 “I have never been more excited in my career to work alongside someone as talented and passionate as Francesca,” he said. “She has grown up in the industry, and has the skill, talent and enthusiasm to help lead the Luxury Products Group to the next level.  I am certain her talents will also be integral to the success in marketing on the IMARK Plumbing side of our group as well. We continue to roll out services and opportunities for our members, and the growth of our group as a whole reflects that. There has never been a better time to be part of Luxury Products Group than right now.”   

 Francesca earned a degree in communications and media studies from St. John University, and then spent four years with the American Girl brand, helping open their Miami location and focusing on sales, training and marketing. She chose to join the plumbing industry in 2013 as Division Marketing Manager for Hajoca, which had recently acquired her father’s company. Francesca was responsible for supporting all facets of digital and local marketing for the Midwest, Northeast and New England regions, before being named project manager for Hajoca’s Kohler Signature Store in King of Prussia, Pa. She gained responsibility for hiring and training the store team, leading the design and product selection, overseeing construction, and creating a marketing and advertising plan.

 In 2017, Francesca was named Marketing Manager for Blackman Plumbing Supply, where she helped build a comprehensive brand strategy, including relevant content, marketing automation, creative advertising, and partnerships with industry influencers. She also managed their digital marketing strategy, campaigns and website. When Blackman was acquired by Ferguson in 2018, Francesca took on the role of Website Marketing Strategist, helping build the digital strategy for Ferguson brands.

 She believes that there is great opportunity ahead for luxury showrooms that are members of LPG.

 “Throughout their existence, distributors and showrooms have gone through cycles of challenges,” she said. “And while the market is challenging today, the key is to take advantage of all the tools that are available. We can access more information than ever about potential and existing customers, which is extremely valuable in conversions to sales.

 “I am looking so forward to participating in the LPG Expo this month, reconnecting with many of the vendors I’ve done business with and meeting with all the showroom members. I’m excited to learn about their businesses, how they create their luxury spaces, and how we can help support them. Problem solving is very fulfilling, and I am confident that working together we can build an even better future for everyone.”

 Founded in 2009, Luxury Products Group, a business vertical of IMARK Plumbing, is the industry’s most award-winning decorative buying group and has earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.  The 440+ member locations serve independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting showrooms throughout the USA and Canada.  LPG members benefit from business advantages that drive increased profits, professionalism, and access to highly respected vendors in the marketplace.  Idea sharing, retail innovation, best practice sharing, and networking are among the top benefits sited by members and vendors alike. LPG has become the most award-winning decorative buying group in the U.S. and earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.