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Digital Business Development 

By Austin Pike & John Gosselin | Co-Founders,

Experience Having A Sales Engine That

“Leaves No Lead Behind”

Welcome to Luxury Products Group

“ will offer Luxury Products Group members a best in class digital business development solution that encompasses the best in SEM. From paid search, sales generation, and ranking to ROI, performance measurements, and more; John and his team are committed to driving inquiries and sales to showrooms through a proven digital business development program. We are so excited to welcome and work with them”
Francesca Messina | Marketing & Training | Luxury Products Group


Francesca Messina & John Gosling

Francesca Messina| Luxury Products Group & John Gosselin |


At the end of the day, they get clients sustainable, measurable, and predictable sales and marketing results by helping them out think, out position, out strategize, out-market, and outsell their competitors. They know what works and the right questions to ask because, since 2013, they’ve harnessed the power of analytics in 30+ impact points to eliminate wasted activities and uncover hidden sales and marketing opportunities in your business. From website design to tracking every phone call, form fill-out, wish-list submission, and walk-in at your showroom, John, Austin and their team of 20 have the recipe figured out for turning online insights into more income and turning your business into a Gold Standard Showroom™ in less than 90 days.

Industry Expertise

Leverage our deep knowledge of the showroom, supply house, manufacturer’s rep, buying group, master distributor and manufacturer universe

Business Consulting

Lean on us to feed you data-driven insights on your marketing and sales processes so you can make more profitable and disciplined decisions

Market Domination

Show up more often than your competitors for high value showroom, category and brand name searches based on Google’s market share report

Measurable ROI

Get more phone calls, form fill-outs, wishlists, driving directions, orders, etc, and know exactly how each person found you online before reaching out

Competitive Analysis

See research on what your competitors are doing, analyze their website/keyword performance and place ads in front of people looking for them

Strategic Partnerships

Get in the inboxes of top architects, builders, designers, plumbers, electricians, developers, etc in your area to get larger books of business

Customer Success

Increase your repeat and referral business with our automated review system, Houzz project uploads and Snapchat-like video sales software

Omni-Channel Coverage

Show remarketing banner ads to people that visited your website but didn’t take action on their social media feed and news sites for 30 days


We are excited to share our vast knowledge of the industry and make every LPG member’s business better by utilizing the data-driven insights that are available to them best. We know what motivates both online and offline visitors to become customers from studying the search patterns and mouse cursor behavior of over 1 million homeowners and contractors for the top 100 search terms that your ‘ideal’ clients begin a search with online. At the end of the day, we hope that each of you will work smarter, save time by being more efficient, and hug those you love a bit more tightly and enjoy the finer things in life because you’ve learned how to play a “bigger game” through the web because of the relationship you have developed with our great company!

—John Gosselin

John-Gosselin And Jennifer Lopez

The Method™ generates more leads and appointments, multiplies your sales and decreases customer acquisition cost, while expanding your competitive advantage.

John Gosselin

“Do it with passion or not at all.” 
– Rosa Nouchette Carey

With a prior career in sports coaching, John is an expert at enabling clients to bring the best out of their team, maximize their competitive advantage and build a predictable, disciplined and scalable sales process. He is on the committee for the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association and has spoken at various design and construction conferences. He is very proud of his son, Zack, who is 13 years old and has raised over $20,000 so far for various charities.



Austin Pike

“What stands in the way becomes the way.”
– Marcus Aurelius

Coming from an architecture background, Austin solves business challenges with iterative design thinking and data-driven decisions. He has presented and been a judge at various industry events and is most inspired by product and process innovation that balances form and function. He is happiest when clients can sit back, relax and know that their showroom or supply house is operating in a gold-standard way with maximum efficiency and profitability.

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