Buy Local

By Jeff MacDowell | Executive Director

By working at a locally owned independent distributor, you are making a significant difference in the local community.

That is because when a small business wins, we all win.

To see that impact, just follow the money.

A recent study showed when customers shop at a local independent distributor, twice as much money goes back into the local economy compared to when they shop at a big box store.

Big box stores send their money back to corporate offices and shareholders in other states.

Local business send money back into the local economy, and into programs that are important to you, such as law enforcement, parks, and little league teams.


There is even a bigger difference when a customer shops online versus shopping at an independent distributor.

Seven times as much money stays in the local economy versus when shopping with Amazon. Amazon has a centralized workforce that only benefits certain areas of the country. It invests its profits globally.

Local businesses spend profits where they live and give to local charities. Independent distributors help the community in other ways too. They provide products for homes to keep them safe and comfortable. And if there is a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or snowstorm – the independent distributor is ready with supplies to help that community. They provide the essential products needed to recover. They may even pitch in to help with the cleanup.

Most local independent distributors also donate money to local charities and non-profits. For example, they might help a school run a fundraiser.

Local independent distributors are an integral part of the community they serve – and now you are a part of that.

Be sure to practice communicating this message to shoppers to make sure they remember how important it is to buy local.

Remember – twice as much money stays in the community versus a big box, and 7 times as much money versus amazon stays in your community for your programs. It is a powerful message.

So, buy local.